My mightiest weapon was my confidence

When there’s an uphill there’s always a downhill

you know it's getting boring, right?
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Born in Spira, and loves hanging out in both Besaid and the ruins of Zanarkand. Born on October 10th, which makes her a Libra. Loves video games, manga, animes, and books. Writes and makes icons.

Favorite fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Supernatural, Dark Angel, Glee, Disney, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, High School Musical (Chad/Ryan!), Final Fantasy (7, X, 12), Tales of (Symphonia, the Abyss), Persona (3,4)

Ships: OTL is Riku/Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Everything else is a toss up.

While this journal is, indeed, Friends Only, if one were to ask to be friended, one would more than likely be friended.

Okay, this thing is seriously old and in need of a revamp. I'm pretty friendly, I love video games, reading, and writing. I don't bite hard and I love meeting new people!

--Credit to milou_veronica for the layout and to refuted for the profile layout. Credit to http://www.kh2.co.uk/ for the Riku picture. I made both the Friends Banner and the mood themes.

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Outside the dream world, life can be harsh, even cruel. But it is life.
-- Auron, Final Fantasy X